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Tonto Dikeh Won't Kiss Her Boyfriend Again For Eating Grasshopper (Photos)
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[Image: 8144061_tonto_jpeg42ecef16d032ced2ece3d28c32fa1fc4]

Tonto Dikeh is really disgusted after she made a recent discovery and it's led her to decide that she's never kissing her man again.

The mother-of-one found fried grasshoppers hanging on a shelf in her man's house and when she asked him about it, the answer she got grossed her out.

Sharing a photo of the grasshopper, she wrote:

Found these guys hanging on a shelf and i quickly turned and asked BABY hope you dont eat these...
Guess his answer??
Now I wanna puke at the sight of his LIPS...
He is never getting kissed again..
So pissed off [Image: huh.png]??..
Like i feel violated ? OR im LITERALLY A Drama QUEEN 

[Image: 8144062_tonto1_jpeg7e257599cbd2017047857632607eb24d]
[Image: 8144063_tonto11_jpeg1abbfc5dafc0943b37ef85b94e1b9868]

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